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bigstock-Happy-New-Year----32373989(1)Here we are in November. It is hard to believe that 2013 is coming to a close. It seems like just yesterday the year was new and there was the freshness of what we all feel in January – the hope and promise of what is to come.

But now, we have only 2 months left and you may be looking at 2013 and wondering what happened to your goals for 2013? Was the year everything you thought it would be?

The reality is, whether you have achieved most of your goals or not, there are still 2 months left to finish the year strong. A lot of times, people just shut down during November and December and think “I will start over next year.”

What happens by doing that is you set up your new year without momentum. If you take advantage of the next 8 weeks, not only will you finish 2013 strong, but you will also be setting 2014 up for better success.

Being in a great company like Team Beachbody, at this great time, you can make a huge difference in your business by realizing this is a prime opportunity to create retail sales and to help your team grow.

Network Marketing is in a unique time in our history because there is a lot wrong with our economy. While most people don’t have the ability to create more opportunity and income at a J-O-B, those of us in Network Marketing have the ability to create freedom and the ability to create the lifestyle we truly desire.

In the past, a person might have been thought to be successful if they had a lot of possessions. I believe our society really got caught up in “keeping up with the Joneses.” That lead to overspending, going into debt and leading a false life. I think going forward, the mark of a great person will be someone who is debt free and leading a life of freedom, not necessarily someone who has a lot of stuff. Not that having some of the finer things in life is wrong, but that won’t be the main focus.

In no other profession can you create the same level of freedom on a part time basis as any person can in Network Marketing.

Network Marketing allows people to get their lives back.

So if I can encourage you to do anything today it is to put as much energy and time into the rest of the year as you possibly can. Too many people slow down with marketing their business during the holidays. They end up losing 2 months out of the year.

Professionals don’t do that. They create strategies to maximize this time.

Think of stores, how they have sales, they merchandise, they run ads. Here is my challenge to you:

From now until dec 23 people are ready to buy things. They are either going to buy it from the mall, they will buy it online, or they will buy it from you.
Give the gift of health for your friends and family and encourage them to do the same through your business. Remember the biggest buying time of the year is ahead.

Two huge selling days are ahead: Black Friday & Cyber Monday. If you’re going to buy anyway – why not have people get what they need from you.
How to help your team: Have a meeting or call and encourage your team to take this time to review what did they learn in 2013 and what do you want to achieve in 2014. Have them take out their calendars and commit to the time they will spend specifically on their business.

Successful people constantly have to grow, change, and adapt. Show that you want to finish 2013 strong and have this year be remembered as a great one for your business. Then you will be ready to start a brand new year out with momentum. Finish strong – Start strong.

Watch Eric Worre’s Training on how to finish the year strong here.

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