How to Grow A Team | Recruiting

So you want to learn how to grow a team.

bigstock-Social-Network-Molecule--Conn-5844161Lately there has been a lot of hype about “attraction marketing.” While I agree you can’t be out there blasting your business on Social Media all day- and I have seen many people do that – a team isn’t grown by just sitting back and letting it happen organically. Then, you won’t have a team to speak of. This is Network Marketing and that involves the active verb “network.”

One of the things I am focusing on for my team is recruiting. I feel like more and more, people are not being taught to recruit. I understand that to some degree people have made recruiting into slimy restaurant meetings and pushy one on one’s. But I’m talking about real recruiting – sharing your business as a business owner.

I think that people in network marketing are losing sight of what the vision is in this industry. By recruiting someone – you are showing them a new way out of their world of slavery to a J-O-B. When you properly recruit, you are teaching a person how they CAN have the life of their dreams, how they can have a freedom lifestyle and they can create a future for others as well.

This business isn’t easy. It isn’t without faults – but most of the downside can be fixed with proper training and a determination to never quit.

Stay tuned as I share some of the best recruiting tips over the next few days. Your business will transform when you realize that you have to actively reach out to people and share your business every single day.

Decision Time

The Power of a Decision

bigstock-Word-Cloud--Decision-Making-e-40476334When you have a goal, whatever it may be – you might want to lose weight or you may want to train for a marathon, or maybe you need to increase your income – whatever it is you want in life – there is a decision to be made. There is one moment in time where you decide that no matter what, you are going to go after this goal…. you are going to do whatever it takes to achieve it and no matter how hard, or what the challenges are you WILL see this goal through to fulfillment.

Everyone has a different timeline for their goals. Some people have the ability to go after something and achieve it the first time. For others, it will take redirecting, trying again, and being willing to make adjustments, learn new skills and work harder.

More often than not, people have to face the second scenario. But the key is that regardless of whether you put the blinders on and achieve your goals right away or if it takes some time, you must have the decision made to never falter…to never quit.

When I first started in Team Beachbody, I had just been laid off from what I thought was going to be my dream job. I went from living a corporate life of going to a 8-5 job to suddenly having to worry if I would be able to support my family. I worried about losing my house, not being able to pay bills and not being able to do all of the things my wife and I had dreamed of doing.

We could have let those fears paralyze us. And believe me, we had a few moments of feeling very sorry for ourselves. But then I knew I had to take action. The only way I was going to be able to change my life was going to be through doing something different.

So I made a decision then and there that I was going to take a chance on me. If I was going to believe in anything it was going to be in my own abilities. Team Beachbody was where I focused my energy. I knew the company was solid and I believed in the mission of the company and I knew it was an opportunity that would allow me to make my own success.

I wanted to be in a position where I never had to work for someone else again. I never wanted my future to be in someone else’s hands. That is the power of decision. That is how you can change the course of your future.

My wife and I threw ourselves into the business and shared it with everyone we knew. We were relentless in the pursuit of growing our business and helping people with their health and fitness.

The thing I really appreciate about this business is that I get to share the opportunity with others too. There have been so many others that we have been able to help to change their lives, both in getting fit health wise, but also getting fit financially.

If you have debt, if you have frustrations and stress in your life, it is time to make a decision. Claim the power of changing your future and begin on a new journey.

Proof of Progress

One of the biggest issues I see when I’m coaching people through their weight loss program is that they feel like they aren’t seeing the proof of progress that they would like to see. What does that mean? Well, generally it means that the numbers on the scale are not moving down according to what they think they should see.

But the reality is that progress doesn’t always mean weight lost. It means inches lost. It means fitting into your thin clothes again.

Focusing on your weight can be a big mistake when you are going through a fitness program like P90X, Body Beast or Insanity. Remember muscle weighs more than fat and on these programs you are building muscle in a short amount of time.

Sometimes you may feel that you’re not making any progress at all with your fitness program. You may even feel like quitting.

I tell people – put your scale away. Stop worrying about the the information the scale gives you – it isn’t the whole picture.

Focus on how you feel, the way your clothes fit, your energy and mood. That is where you will see a big change for the better!

You can also track your fitness progress by measuring your body fat percentage. This method can provide help you realize how much fat you need to lose to reach the desired fitness goal. Body fat should measure from 25 to 31% for women and 18 to 25% for men.

At the end of the day, you should focus on health and fitness – not looking like a skin and bones model. This is your life and you deserve to have the best one possible.

Keep working out every day, eating healthy food and you will see and feel a change. Your proof of progress will be in the smile on your face, the spirit in your step and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Don’t Starve Yourself Skinny

Don’t Starve Yourself Skinny –
Rev Up Your Metabolism!

If you’re watching calories like a hawk and still gaining weight, your metabolism may be the culprit. Metabolism is the mechanism our body uses to burn calories. Think of it as your body’s “motor.” The faster your metabolism operates the more calories you’ll burn and lose weight in the process.

As we age, our metabolism naturally slows down. So, what’s a body to do to keep the metabolism up and the weight down? There are lots of factors that count in the role that your metabolism plays in your ability to lose weight, including your age and lifestyle.

The truth is you don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight. In fact, the best way to rev up your metabolism (that calorie-burning chemical process) is to eat! Some of you may have to work harder than others to speed up the process, while others just need to regulate their lifestyle and diet habits.

Most of what we think of as “diet foods” won’t help jump start your metabolism. They may be low in calories and even high in fiber, but if you make those foods the mainstay of your diet, you’ll gain weight almost immediately after you return to a normal diet.

That’s because your metabolism has become sluggish while you were dieting and has lost its ability to burn excess calories. To effectively “fire up” your metabolism, keep in mind the following tips:

• Don’t skip meals. It’s better to eat four to six small meals per day than to skip a major daily meal — especially breakfast.
• Cardio workouts (the kind that get your heart rate up) are great for burning calories and to get your metabolism moving at a faster rate.
• Drink plenty of water so that your body can rid itself of the toxins that pulls down your metabolism to a sluggish level.
• No matter what you’ve heard about carbohydrates, remember that they help to boost your metabolism.
• Tone your muscles. Use weights to firm and tone your muscles, ridding yourself of fat and replacing it with lean muscles.
• Don’t eat just before bed time. Give your body a chance to take care of excess calories before it slows down for sleep.
• Lower your alcohol intake. Alcohol is like a “go slow” sign for your metabolism. Keep it to a minimum.

Begin now to rev up your metabolism. Remember, when your metabolism improves, so will your shape!


Beacon of Freedom


Today is the the celebration of the United States declaration of freedom from the tyrannical rule of Britain 217 years ago. What had been working before as a sovereign nation was broken. The system was no longer viable and the people of the US decided to take back control of their lives by separating from England.

This is such a momentous occasion in world history. No other nation had ever done what the United States of America became in quite the same way. We became a beacon of hope for all other oppressed people in the world.

As I write this, I reflect on my own freedom. As I look back on my career – I had done so much of what I thought was the “right” thing. Getting up each morning and heading off to a job I hated – was simply what I thought was supposed to happen. I thought it was part of being a responsible husband and father and that I just had to deal with the fact that I felt unfulfilled, unhappy and sometimes downright miserable working for someone who told me when I could come and go, when I could take a break, when I could go on a vacation.

I will be honest, when I found my home business opportunity with Team Beachbody, I didn’t immediately think it would become my main source of income. I had just been laid off and I thought it would be a nice way to make a living until I found my next job. I thought I would be able to put some money away – maybe save up for retirement a little faster. But when I saw the mission that Carl Daikeler had, I knew that this would be something special.

Free Yourself

As I write this today, I am so grateful at my own family’s declaration of freedom. Over time, we began to see that Team Beachbody was our way to live life on our terms. We were able to create an incredible team of some of the most amazing people we had ever met and together we spread the word that people don’t have to be bound to a life a slavery. They don’t have to feel unhealthy and unhappy.

Not only can we teach others to live healthy, we teach people how to live wealthy. I’m not talking about making everyone we meet rich, although that is certainly within everyone’s potential when they start a Team Beachbody business. No – it is the wealth that only freedom can bring.

At the end of the day our health is our number one priority. If we don’t have our health, really, nothing else matters. Once we help people to get healthy we have done an enormous task of showing someone how to live longer and more fulfilling lives. What a gift and privilege it is to change someone’s life like that.

claiming your freedomWhen we move on to show someone how they can then take back their TIME…it is a complete package. We show people how to truly live again.

The time I have been able to spend with my family because of this business has been the greatest gift of all. Even if we live to be 100, life is short. Every moment counts.

Our goal at Team Beachbody is to be a champion of freedom. To be a beacon of light to those who have lost hope, who feel alone, who need someone to just be there and say “I believe in you.” My wish for you is that you will claim your freedom today. Realize that you do have a way to live the life of your dreams. We have the right here in the United States to be whatever we want to be.

Join me today in being a freedom fighter. Together we can lead the world to freedom one person at a time.

Women and Heart Health

Heart Health in Women is an important topic in the world of Fitness and Wellness.

Heart Health in WomenFor many years, heart disease was thought to be mainly a problem in the male world. Most research done on heart disease until about 20 or 30 years ago was only done on male patients.

Researchers then took that information and generalized it to include women as well. Only in the last two or three decades have we begun to look at heart disease specifically in women. And in just that short time we’ve found that the sexes vary a great deal when it comes to heart health.

Heart Health in Women is largely ignored. Heart disease is the number one killer of women. It has a much higher death rate than breast cancer – in fact it is five times higher. Yet for many women the heart is a rather neglected organ.

And 49% of all deaths from heart disease are in women. That means that about half of all heart problems occur in the female population – a much larger number than most people would predict. Stroke is the number 3 killer in women and it’s closely related to heart health. It’s imperative that you make sure you take care of your heart.

What’s even more interesting is that women have different symptoms from heart disease than men do. The signs are often more subtle and can actually seem like another illness altogether.

Pay attention to symptoms like shortness of breath, fatigue, dizziness, pain or tightness in the chest, neck, and jaw, and flu-like symptoms of nausea and sweats. These are often signs of heart disease in women. If you experience them, you need to see a medical professional right away.

Another difference between men and women when it comes to heart disease is hormonal changes. For women, menopause brings on an increase in risk factors for heart disease. The hormones that are present during the menstrual cycle offer a protective factor when it comes to heart disease.

At this time scientists aren’t sure of the exact mechanism that offers this help. But after menopause, it’s even more critical for women to make sure they get routine screenings and practice healthy habits.

As a woman, you’re no less at risk for having heart disease than a man. However, women are less likely to take care of themselves than they are to take care of other people.

It’s important that you make your health a priority in your life. Get regular well woman exams with your doctor and practice healthy habits to reduce your risk of heart disease as much as possible.

Team Beachbody Coach Summit 2013 Recap

After getting back from an amazing weekend with all of my fellow Team Beachbody coaches, I am more motivated than ever to help people change their lives both with health and wellness, as well as financially.

This is my recap of the weekend:

The big announcement of the weekend was a long awaited announcement of the new Shakeology flavor: Vanilla!!!

See for yourself:

The Second Big Announcement Was The Release of Shaun T’s new workout T25!


When you order T25 right now you can get free shipping!

What I really like about the new T25 workout is that every workout is only 25 Minutes. 5 Days a Week. For me and many people I know that is perfect for my schedule.

I know for most people the thing that stands in their way is having enough time to fit in their workout. Our premier celebrity trainer Shaun T has spent the last year developing this program to deliver the same results you would normally get from an hour long program. With T25 you get everything you need and it leaves out all the fluff. The idea is that if you focus your energy for 25 minutes a day you will get the results you want.

The second morning of the Team Beachbody Coach Summit there was the annual super workout and Shaun T showed everyone how great T25 is.

Here it is again in case you missed yesterday’s post:

The Keynote Speaker Was John Maxwell

The main focus of the talk was helping people be the best they can be. He discussed points from his book The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth – I highly recommend you get it!

Although these were amazing parts of the weekend, the absolute best part was getting to interact with our team. This team is on fire folks. It is such an incredible time to be a part of Team Beachbody.

We hope you will join us!

Please like, share and comment!

Team Beachbody Summit – Superworkout With Shaun T

This weekend my wife and I have been in Las Vegas for the incredible annual Team Beachbody Coach Summit.

It is the highlight of the previous year’s worth of accomplishments both to celebrate coaches as well as to announce the new products.

This year has been no disappointment! I will be doing a complete review of the weekend, but a huge highlight so far has been the announcement of Vanilla Shakeology and the release of the new Shaun T workout called T25. It looks amazing.

Check out the super workout that happened today with Shaun T:

What an incredible amount of people all working out at one time!

The thing I love most about Team Beachbody is that it is a company truly driven by helping people to become the best they can be. Starting with health and wellness and continuing on to financial freedom. This company is second to none in being a positive influence on the lives of thousands of people.

How To Stick To Your Diet

lose weight diet

How to Stick to Your Diet

Many of my customers are worried about sticking to their “diet.” When they start on one of our home workout programs. After all, weight loss is a two-fold change in your lifestyle.

1. You must exercise more.

2. You must change your nutrition.

One of the most important things to evaluate in your life is why you actually wanted to start “dieting” to begin with. Perhaps you have a wedding or other big event like a class reunion that you want to look good for. Perhaps it is just the time of year and you are setting new goals. Maybe you are going on vacation. Or, it could be that you were told by your doctor that you need to lose some weight to improve your health.

Whatever your reasons, starting a diet can be an exciting and rejuvenating idea.

But after a few weeks, or even days, the enthusiasm you felt at the start of your new diet won’t stay at the same level.

You may be missing some of your old food choices, you may feel hungrier, or you may just feel deprived and grumpy.

Planning Your Diet

But there are success strategies that will help you stick to your diet and reach your goals without stalling out. When you understand diet basics and tips for maintaining your progress, you’ll reach your goal in no time.

Sticking to your diet actually starts with choosing your diet in the first place. There are thousands of diets you could try and it’s important that you do your homework before you start one. There’s the abc diet, the hgc diet, the cottage cheese diet, there is even a taco bell diet – can you believe that?

A diet needs to fit in with your lifestyle and be something that you can do realistically. For example, eating a diet of raw foods may be extremely healthy and help you lose weight. But it’s not for everyone.

If you work 2 jobs it’s probably not the best because of all the time-consuming food prep. If you don’t have time to prepare the appropriate foods, it’s not likely that you’ll stick to this diet for very long.

And there are hundreds more diets that have components that may not work for you while some diets will be perfect for you. So you must choose a diet that will not defeat you in the very beginning.

Here are a few things you should ask about a diet before beginning it:

  1. How much food preparation will be involved?
  2. Will you have to buy special products?
  3. Do you need specific tools that you don’t already own?
  4. Is the food something you already like?
  5. Does this diet work with your current work schedule and lifestyle?
  6. Will you have to diet alone, or can your family also practice this way of eating?
  7. Will you be able to eat out? Or will all food have to come from home?
  8. How much money will you need spend each month for this diet?
  9. Will you have to attend meetings for it?
  10. Will the diet interfere with any health conditions or medications?
  11. Have you tried this diet before?
  12. You want to choose a diet that fits within your budget and fits within your schedule. If you have a lot of free time, a diet that requires a lot of food preparation may be okay but if you are a Mom or Dad and have a hectic schedule, you need to simplify things to ensure success. Right now juicing is a huge fad, but the cost of the vegetables alone (and they should all be organic) can be upwards of $400 a week. Yes, I just said per week.
    diet and exercise
    No matter what, you will have to adjust your normal habits. I always recommend that my customers do the following:

    1. Workout first thing in the morning:

    When you workout first thing – you start your day with success. It literally changes your entire day for the better. Not only do you have your exercise finished for the day, now your endorphins are released and your mood is better.

    Also because you have worked out first, you will be less likely to blow the rest of the day because you want to stay on track.

    2. Simplify your nutrition:

    Chances are you have purchased one of my workout programs. Each of our premium workouts include diet recommendations and menus. When you are a Club Member you also have access to a menu planner that comes with shopping lists and recipes.

    3. Make one meal a no brainer:

    I always recommend that you replace one meal with Shakeology. This is because when you are a busy person trying to get everything done you need to do, Shakeology simplifies nutrition. With one shake you are able to put over 70 healthy ingredients into your body. There is nothing else like it anywhere.

    You will be amazed at how good you feel just by adding Shakeology to your diet.

    4. Plan out at least two snacks per day:

    This doesn’t have to take much time at all. Put a small bag of almonds or cashews in your briefcase and bring with you for the day. Bring a piece of fruit for your other snack.

    5. Dinner should generally be a protein and veggies:

    Plain and simple. You will see lots of great meal ideas when you are club member.

    There you have it. Going on a diet shouldn’t be torture. It should be a lifestyle change that you WANT to stick with. Soon you will achieve the results you wanted and begin a lifestyle of health and fitness.

Best Home Based Business

If you are on this page, chances are you are looking for a home based business to get involved in.

Having a business of your own has so many benefits. Many of the people that join my team are looking for a long term solution for their future. They are tired of working their J-O-B (Just Over Broke) and want a way to truly set up their future and have freedom in their lives to do many of the things they dream of.

I don’t know about you, but I found that when I decided to take my future in my own hands, suddenly my life changed. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t make millions over night. As a matter of fact, many people go into the home business industry and fail and fail again. But what I do know is that I jumped in with both feet and worked really hard for a short while and then started to see big rewards.

So what business is this? It is my Team Beachbody business. By law, I can not claim to have made an income that is untrue and as a seven figure earner with Team Beachbody, I can honestly tell you that this business is the real deal.

Watch this simple webinar that will explain how the Team Beachbody home business works and then read on to find out how you can be a part of our incredible team.

With the popularity of P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire and many more of the top in home workout programs in the world in the product line up, you have turn key marketing ready for you.

The part I like best about the Team Beachbody business is that you are literally transforming people’s health and wellness. This business is the single most rewarding thing I have ever done professionally.

You can begin earning money from home right away.

Don’t wait to take charge of your life. You are worth more. Put your future back in your own hands.

What is the next step?

Sign up right now by clicking on the button below. Once you are signed up we will schedule your first call to teach you what the first things you need to do for your business are.

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