Recruiting: 5 Basic Steps Every Network Marketing Professional Needs to do Each Day.

There are some very important steps you need to know about recruiting in Network Marketing. You don’t just automatically hang a sign that you are in business and then have people join you. It is a process and it does require consistent work. Anyone that tells you otherwise is not being truthful. Here are the 5 Basic Steps I recommend for every Network Marketing Professional to grow a big and successful team:

1. Put yourself in a situation where you meet new people.

Anyone and I mean ANYONE can expand their circle of influence. Don’t say “I don’t have a big circle of friends.” Well GET one! How can you do that? There are many ways. You can join local Meetups (see and make new friends doing activities you enjoy! One of my best recruits joined a wine tasting group that ended up being an incredible source of friendships AND business partners in her downline! You don’t have to necessarily do activities that go hand in hand with your business. If you love to hike, join a hiking group, if you want to learn to cook, join a cooking group. The point is, you have to meet new people each day. On the days you can’t get out, make it a point to join or interact in a virtual group on facebook, linkedin, or google groups. Expand your circle of influence.

2. Develop relationships that you already have.

Make a point to call 2-3 people each day with the intent of asking about that person’s life. Don’t go into a conversation talking about your new business, take a genuine interest in each person you talk to. Preface the conversation with a time limit: “Hi Andy, I am on my way out the door, but you’ve been on my mind so I thought I would call you really quickly to see how you are doing.” Leave that conversation with a set time to check in again which will lead to Step 3.

3. Ask 2 people a day to watch your business presentation.

Watch this video by Eric Worre for scripting. You will learn exactly what to say when asking someone to watch a DVD or a YouTube video. Ask specifically for feedback and honest opinions.

4. Invite 2 people to join your business.

See the progression. 2,2,2,2… Add 2 people to your circle of influence, call 2 people to strengthen a relationship, ask 2 people to watch a presentation, invite 2 people to join you… When you have a steady stream of people you are contacting and communicating effectively with, you will have enough people join your business to grow significantly each month. The reality is, most people don’t realize these are the steps they must take so they flounder, wait around not really knowing how to grow their business. It really couldn’t be more simple – it just takes about an hour to two hours a day – PART TIME hours – to grow a significant business.

5. Reach out to two people on your team every day.

This doesn’t have to just be your personally sponsored people. In fact, very often someone who is 8 levels down will be VERY happy and surprised to hear from someone that cares. You can’t control how well each person on your team trains their new distributors – so jumping saying hello and offering encouragement can be very helpful both to your downline and their new recruits.

There you have it – the Network Marketing Rule of Two! If you spend an hour or two each day doing these steps you will find that you quickly build a robust and strong business AND you will model this for your team to do as well!

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